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My background pattern/image was made by Tumblr user Sayonararolling! Hello darlings, I'm Kiley. This is my personal blog, mainly a collection of my interests but I advertise my business from time to time. I'm a crafter and I like to doodle and knit, and I play around with beaded charms and jewelry. I enjoy reading, writing, and music especially if it involves playing my violin. Please feel free to message me about anything!
Jan 8 '13

Hey everyone, I need a little help

I’m sorry to post something like this, but I really need your help guys.

About two years ago I found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers, in fact she had been for awhile but no one told me at first. She’s been doing alright with only a few really bad days with her memory, but she’s still forgetting things. We both live in California but she lives way up in the corner near the border of Oregon and Nevada while I live near the middle in Modesto and, up until this passing year, I didn’t have a car so going out to visit her was never an option. Now that I do have a car there’s only the cost of gas money separating me from my grandmother and there are MANY MORE THINGS separating me from gas money. Because school is starting soon I want to go before all my time is eaten up by college, so I have to make this fast.

The trip up to my grandmother’s is approximately 400 miles just to get there. For a round trip I’ll need roughly $175 dollars including a safety cushion for idle time and a little extra for grabbing some coffee on the road (being honest here, I’ll need coffee). I’ll make my own food before I leave! I promise! My little Honda is good to me he’ll appreciate the funds!

This is where I need your help. I run a store called NeonAppleKnits run through  I sell glass bracelets, kandi cuffs, and knitted things. My products are for Homestucks, Zodiac buffs, Astrology buffs, Owl people, phone charm people, and Hogwarts House Pride people with House Scarves made to order. This is so far my only means of funds.You can help me by reblogging this post, telling your friends, or buying something yourself.Etsy has a neat feature that allows me to see where my traffic is coming from so if you reblog this Etsy will actually let me know that my new traffic came directly from you so I’ll know that you’ve helped and I will shower you with affection!

I’m setting up a special coupon for this event, please enter the code NEONSROADTRIP for 10% off your purchase! You’re getting good things too!

I will be including little surprises in all of my purchases, small stickers and stuff, but if you buy two or more items from me during this sale I will include a free zodiac phone charm of your choice! This is on top of the coupon!

Please, just liking or reblogging is a huge help to me. I just really want to see my grandmother again before she starts to forgot more things.

Thank you so very much.

-Kiley, a.k.a. Neon.

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